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Cucina Italia Fettuccelle 500gr


Made from flat sheets of dough cut into ribbons, it goes well with strong-flavored sauces.


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In Italy, this ribbon-shaped pasta was originally made using hands and simple tools. Fettuccelle pasta is very similar to fettuccine but narrower, at about 3mm wide. Its thickness gives it a texture that goes well with typically richer and more savory sauces that are made from milk, tomato sauce and eat in combination with meat, vegetables, seafood and cheese.

Ingredients: 100% wheat flour. May contain egg.

Track Quality Index: See on package.

Best before 36 months from packaging. Date of manufacture and packaging printed on package.

Handling Instructions: Keep at cool dry place.

Net Volume: 500g

Regulation No.: 317/2017/ATTP-XNCB

Manufactured by: TESA S.R.L.

Address: Via G.Oberdan, 11306034 Foligno (PG) – Italy

Factory Address: Via Agostino Campi, 10, 06034 Foligno (PG) – Italy

Telephone: 390742770099

Email: info@tesasrl.it

Origin: Italy


Bring a large pot of lightly salted water to a boil, then add fettuccelle and cook for 9 minutes. Take out the fettuccelle to rinse under cold water. Finally, drain your fettuccelle with a colander.

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