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Delicious red apples imported from the U.S – approximately 5 per kilogram


Mildly sweet and juicy, Red Apple is good for eating fresh or preparing healthy and eye-catching salads.


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Soft and juicy sweetness that can please all palates.

What’s unique about the flavor?

The traditional sweetness of Delicious makes it better to serve with fresh ingredients in salads or cocktails. Delicious’ dark red skin beautifully contrasts the pure light color inside, giving this type of apple a special visual effect on top of its enjoyable taste.

Growing regions: Wenatche, WA; Yakima, WA

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Different cooking methods:

Slice and grind Delicious red apples with cream cheese and walnuts

Dice then serve with honey and oatmeal

Fermented apple juice combining with vinegar also makes a refreshing salad dressing.

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