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Florilait full cream milk (3,5% fat) 1L


As well as being a valuable and safe source of nutrients, Florilait whole milk is rich in fat, particularly delicious and appetizing.


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  • No additives, no preservatives at Florilait
  • Suitable even for vegetarian
  • Rich in calcium and essential vitamins for healthy bodies and strong bones
  • Full cream milk that’s a 100% pure (3,5% fat only) and produced using ultra-high temparature processing to eliminate spores and increase milk shelf life.
  • Full cream milk Florilait is the perfect complementary product to a healthy and balanced diet.

Ingredients: 100% Whole Milk

Track Quality Index: See on package.

Best Before 10 months from Packaging. Date of manufacture and packaging printed on package.

Handling Instructions: Keep at cool dry place before opening. Refrigerate at below 60C after opening, use within 4 days. 

Net Volume: 1L

Regulation No.: 28462/2016/ATTP-TNCB

Manufactured by: C.SAS

Address: F-69425 Lyon Cedex 03

Origin: France


Good to drink immediately.

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