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Gala apples - Imported from the U.S. – Approximately 5 apples per kilogram


If you like the harmonious mix between sweet and mildly sour flavors, Gala Apple is an ideal choice. Gala Appleis not only a nutritious fresh fruit but also a suitable one tosoak in wine or use in Western dishes.


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Just the perfect balance between sweet and sour, a distinctive feature of this tropical fruit

What’s unique about the flavor?

Gala red apples stand out with its balanced flavor of sweet and sour that is not commonly found in other types of apples.

Gala apples is popular to make into wine for its pleasingly sweet flavor or cook in recipes for appetizers and main dishes that serve with wine. It is indeed the main ingredient found in famous wine recipes such as Riesling, Chianti, Merlot and Pinot Noir.

Growing regions: Wenatche, WA; Yakima, WA

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Different cooking methods:

Dice Gala apples to mix in curry shrimp salad and serve with baguette

Mix with strawberry, vinegar and basil to make a simple fruit salad

Can be cooked with chicken, onions and vinegar as the main course

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