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Mojave Gold raisins on the stem 113g


Completely free of spices and preservatives,naturally sun-driedMojave raisins have a distinctively sweet taste and many valuable nutrients for your health.


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  • 100% naturally sun dried under 400C
  • No added sugar, no preservatives
  • Not made from an industrial dehydrator
  • Harvested and packaged all by the hands of our employees
  • Guarantee secured inspection of product prior to shipment

Health benefits of raisins on the stem Mojave Gold:

  • Promoting body absorption of nutritious vitamins and proteins
  • High about of fiber to help with digestion and reduce the risk of constipation, also indirectly lower the amount of Cholesterol in the body
  • Rich in calcium for strong bones and teeth, also containing Boron to prevent osteoporosis
  • Rich in Iron and Copper to assist formation of red blood cells and push blood to clot in order to better and faster stop wound bleeding
  • The compound Catechin serves to protect the body against the development of tumor, especially in preventing colorectal cancer.
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