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Cucina Italia Penne Rigate 500gr

  • Brand: Cucina

Penne Rigate’s large diameter and ridges make it ideal for holding sauce on its whole surface. It is fitted for meat sauce or various thick sauces.


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Meaning a “feather” or “quill” and is cognate of the word pen in English, penne are essentially quill shaped pasta, while rigate means “with ridges.” Penne Rigate is one of the most versatile pasta shapes, thus making it loved across Italy. With a large diameter and ridges that keep the sauce spread evenly on the surface, penne rigate is fantastic when cooked in thick meat sauce or creamy sauce with milk such as mushrooms and spinach sauce or tomato basil sauce. Penne Rigate is especially delicious when cooked as Pasta Al Forno: Oven Baked Pasta.

Ingredients: 100% wheat flour. May contain egg.

Track Quality Index: See on package.

Best before 36 months from packaging. Date of manufacture and packaging printed on package.

Handling Instructions: Keep at cool dry place.

Net Volume: 500g

Regulation No.: 316/2017/ATTP-XNCB

Manufactured by: TESA S.R.L.

Address: Via A.Campi, 10, 06034 Foligno (PG) – Italy

Telephone: 390742770099

Email: info@tesasrl.it

Origin: Italy


Bring a large pot of lightly salted water to a boil, then add penne rigate and cook for 9-10 minutes. Take out the penne rigate to rinse under cold water. Finally, drain your penne rigate with a colander.

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