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Tenderloin 1.7-3kg


The tenderest and most nutritious part of beef, Australian beef tenderloin will make a steak dish that satisfiesevery gourmet.


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  • Known as an eye fillet in Australia
  • Tenderloin is cut from the loin of beef, which does very little work and thus makes this part the most tender of the beef.
  • Eye fillet is famous for being tender, delicious and is also very high in nutritions.
  • An Australian cow weighs from 300 to 400 kg, while its loin only weighs from 1,7 to 2kg, yet the cost of tenderloin can go up to 10% of the total value of all the beef.
  • Tenderloin is most suitable to yield the traditional filet mignon or tenderloin steak dishes.
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