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About Deli Yours

Since 2012, we have been on a mission to deliver high-quality and affordable specialty foods, stable supplies and professional services. Deli Yours is our wish to you “Deliciously Yours!” as well as our commitment to take Vietnamese meals to a higher level, living up to our motto “Food for the Greater Good”.

For more information about Deli Yours, please visit www.deliyours.com

Why shop with us?

We understand that food is always the most essential part of life, especially in an environment that poses many risks to food safety. That is why we offer you our food solutions with outstanding benefits:

Safety: all of our products come from reliable leading brands in the world with clear origins and strict quality standards, carefully preserved before reaching consumers’ dining table.

Convenience: with a great variety of products on our website, which is made for easy navigation and ordering, you can get your desired products quickly in the comfort of your home with Deli Yours professional shipping service, easy payment methods and top-notch customer support.

Promotions: Deli Yours always sets products at highly competitive prices and guarantees to give special offers for new and loyal customers.