• 1 day delivery


  • 1. How can I sign up for an account on Deli Yours?

    Click on “Create an account” in the top right-hand corner of the screen, fill in the registration form with the required information.

  • 2. How can I place an order on Deli Yours?

    There are two ways for customers to shop on Deli Yours:

    • Shopping without signing in
    • Shopping through a registered account on shop.deliyours.com

    Customers can follow these steps to place an order

    Step 1: Visit our website at: www.shop.deliyours.com

    If you already had a registered account:

    • Click “Sign in”
    • Enter your “Username” and “Password”

    Step 2: Choose your desired item

    Step 3: Click “Add to cart”

    Step 4: Go to the “Cart” menu, choose the quantity you desire. Check your order details.

    Step 5: Click “Proceed to checkout”

    Step 6: After you have successfully placed an order, your order number will be displayed on the website. A confirmation email will be sent to your Inbox, and Deli Yours staff will call to confirm the order later on.

    In case you don’t receive the confirmation email or call, please contact Deli Yours at 0898 77 0898 (internal number 100)

  • 3. How to change my account information: My name, phone number, date of birth, shipping addresses, emails about promoted items?

    After signing in, go to “My account” menu to change information:

    Personal information: Your name, phone number, date of birth, etc.

    Change the settings of receiving emails about promoted items

    Manage the list of shipping addresses: add or delete shipping addresses by clicking on “Manage address book”

  • 4. How to check my invoice?

    You can click on “Check invoice” in the top right-hand corner >> Enter order number >> Click “Check” to view your order details.

  • 5. How to change the payment method of a placed order?

    Please contact Deli Yours’ Customer Service at 0898 77 0898 (internal number 100) to receive consultancy and specific solutions.

  • 6. How to cancel a placed order?

    Please contact Deli Yours’ Customer Service at 0898 77 0898 (internal number 100) to receive consultancy and specific solutions.

  • 7. The delivered item is different from ordered item?

    Please inform Deli Yours immediately through number 0898 77 0898 (internal number 100) for timely supports and solutions.

  • 8. Can I place an order by phone?

    We support customers in ordering by phone if they choose the “Cash on delivery” payment method. However, we recommend customers to learn about ordering online at shopdeliyours.com

    If, for any reason, you should not order online, don’t hesitate to reach Deli Yours at 0898 77 0898 (internal number 100) to get your orders placed and consult about the products. We are pleased to serve you!

  • 9. How is the shipping rate calculated and paid?

    We offer a competitive shipping rate of 5,000 VNĐ/km. The shipping rate should be paid to Deli Yours right upon delivery.

  • 10. What are Deli Yours’ shipping policies?

    Ship within Ho Chi Minh City:

    Urban areas: Districts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, Tân Bình, Tân Phú, Phú Nhuận, Bình Thạnh, Gò Vấp, Thủ Đức, Bình Tân.

  • 11. Can I choose the hours for delivery?

    You can choose to receive your items anytime between 9:00 and 21:00, Monday through Sunday.

  • 12. What payment methods does Deli Yours offer?

    Deli Yours is currently supporting 2 payment methods:

    1: Cash on delivery – COD

    2: Card Transfer

    Please make card transfer using the following information:

    Account No: 100714851338893

    Account Holder: Deli Yours Joint Stock Company

    Bank: EximBank – Hòa Bình Branch

  • 13. What is COD payment?

    COD stands for Cash on Delivery. With this method, customers pay the shipper in cash upon receipt of ordered items. At Deli Yours, we accept COD payment for every order. This is a simple and completely secure method for customers to choose.

  • 14. Does Deli Yours keep information about my card?

    At Deli Yours, we value customers’ information security very highly and are seriously committed to it. Every transaction by card takes place in an absolutely secure environment, under strict systematic surveillance. After you have successfully placed an order, Deli Yours does not keep any information about your card, but sends it directly to our bank system.  In case you are using a card with another person’s name on it, please contact our Customer Service for supports.

  • 15. Can I pay online for other people?

    You can certainly support your family and friends in their online shopping experiences on Deli Yours. However, you should not trust anyone with your card information, you should directly make the transfer.

  • 16. How to tell if my payment transaction was successful or not?

    The result of your payment transaction will be notified via the email or phone number that you used when ordering after your order has been recorded. You can also use our online tools to look up your invoice in the “Check invoice” menu to view its payment status.

  • 17. Is there an additional fee if I pay online?

    For your best convenience, Deli Yours allows purchase transactions on our website without any additional fees.

  • 18. Can I request Deli Yours to send me my invoice?

    If you would like to receive your financial invoice, in the ordering steps, when choosing the payment method, please enter the required information to request the invoice. If customers do not enter the information, Deli Yours still sends the invoice to the registered email 03 days after successful payment. After that 3-day period, if you would like to change your information, please call number 0898 77 0898 (internal number: 100) for supports from our Customer Service.

  • 19. Where should I look for more detailed information about the items?

    To learn more about your desired item, you can click on it. Our website always provides detailed information about each item. You can also contact Deli Yours directly at 0898 77 0898 (internal number: 100) for the best consultancy.

  • 20. Are the prices on Deli Yours fixed?

    The prices on Deli Yours are the best we can offer to you. However, in some cases, we may adjust them without notifying customers in advance.

  • 21. How to contact Customer Service?

    Please call Deli Yours’ Hotline at 0898 77 0898 (internal number: 100), or contact us directly via line chat from 8:00 to 18:00. You can also send emails to customercare@deliyours.com every day.